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Hounslow football trialsAt the Hounslow Football Academy, we’re committed to educating and mentoring players, to help them develop high-level football skills. We DON`T cater for all abilities, we work with players who have ability and want to progress. Operating a Development Centre and an Elite Centre (invitation only).


All football training courses introduce children to programmes of work relevant to their ability, encouraging them to maintain and develop their individual style, while learning how to play as part of a team. Our kids' football training and support is designed to help them achieve the highest possible benchmark of success, whatever ability level they are working at.



Centres of Excellence


We operate two sections at Premier Skills Academy:


Development Centre


  • Training only for all players in the area.
  • It is the first step into the elite skills centre.


Elite Skills Centre


  • To be accepted for the ESC, a player needs to display high skill levels and good game understanding.
  • The principal aim of the Centre is to improve youngsters who could play in front of Scouts.
  • Entry is by invitation only. Anyone can trial if they are between 8-12 year old.



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Our unique, proven kids' football training courses are extremely effective, great fun and very affordable.

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