Hatfield Toddler & Parent Football Classes.


2 years to 4 years £50 for 10
(Parent participation is required)  
Birchwood Leisure Centre, AL10 0AN 10am - 10.45am Wednesdays.


Football in the UK is awash with money at the top end of the professional game here in the UK, so why do we struggle to produce the very best players in the world? One reason is too many kids start football too late. Even at 5 years old 90% of the brain has developed. Another reason is parents are more important than the coach in developing kids that are confident and skilful enough to play football throughout their lives. Think of all the times a champion says "my success is down to my parents."  Premier Skills teach the parents to teach the children, in a fun and friendly environment. Both you and your child have a ball, we then show you both and you get your child to copy. Using a structure, children are challenged both physically and mentally. If you are new to football or even hate football, this is about bonding with your child, understanding what it takes to play the game, whilst getting some exercise. The format remains learning through play and because children are allowed to work to their own ability, it is suitable for complete beginners.


Key Features:

- Parents learn to play football with their children and can help them at home

- 45-minute class
- Weekly classes
- Children become comfortable with a ball at their feet
- Educational, we can learn from each other.


Disguised Learning Through Play


Play and games are at the heart of everything we do. Our games cleverly disguise the learning aspect so the children just think they are playing. The more the children enjoy the games, the more they participate. This enjoyment leads to greater confidence, which in turn leads to self-initiated participation and independent play.




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