Harpenden Football Training


The ideal football training for beginners


Our football training sessions in Harpenden are designed for beginners. The emphasis is on technical skills in a game environment, recreating an authentic playing environment where space is tight. 


Football Skills taught in a friendly environment.


We play football to music to help them develop their skills, we also keep our training realistic to the game. Unlike many who focus on different football drills each week, we work on the basics in different ways. The children always get to play games against each other and occasionally we play other teams to see how they are performing.


All kids who attend these lessons are entered for a place in Harpenden Colts U7 team, however they will still need to be registered and before xmas. (We can not guarantee that a place is offered to your child from Harpenden Colts FC).




Football Training in Harpenden

Astro Turf Pitch

Harpenden Leisure Centre,

Harpenden, Hertfordshire

Sunday: 9 - 10am YR 1 & Reception

Sunday: 10 - 11am YR 1 & YR 2 
Monday: 6pm -7pm YR 3 & 4

Costs £7.50pw or £80 per 11 weeks.


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